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Erabelle’s Cosmetic
Artistry Services

With Erabelle’s subtle and natural-looking semi-permanent cosmetic artistry services, you can be freed from the daily tyranny of makeup and simply leave it to the skilled hands of our makeup maestros to make you more beautiful. With Erabelle, achieving natural, instant beauty is a cinch.

Our Cosmetic Artistry Services are beauty treatments that are revolutionary and remarkable. Cosmetic Artistry (semi-permanent make-up) is the art of applying colours (tiny deposits of pigment) just below the epidermis of the skin. This defines and enhances the natural beauty of facial features, simulating the look of natural, perfectly-applied makeup. The process lasting about an hour gives results that last for 1-3 years.

  • Erabrow

    Elegantly-shaped brows for an exquisite look.

    Without a nice frame, a pretty picture looks incomplete. Let our experts customize the colour and shape of your eyebrows perfect for your unique features and face shape. Defined and uber-feminine eyebrows give you so much confidence you might just decide to face the world, bare-faced.

    Fear not, Erabelle uses a semi-permanent technique which will not fade to a blueish-greenish tint. The latest SoftStroke Technique together with certified safe colours mimic the look of hair strands to give you a completely natural look.


    Erabrow Design / 20mins

    No ordinary brow trimming. Shape and colour of eyebrows are customised according to your face shape.


    A unique semi-permanent cosmetic artistry that customises the shape and colour of your eyebrows according to your face shape using our specialised SoftStroke technique.


    • Brow Prep Mask
    • Erabrow Design
    • Semi-permanent Colouring Services x 4
    • Browlogy Care Kits

    Erabrow Men’s Trim / 20mins

    Men can now say goodbye to bushy eyebrows and be able to look well-groomed with this simple service.

    Erabrowlogy Redesign & Change

    The perfect service for those with the harsh ‘stencilled-looking’ eyebrows tattooed years ago or those with a botched embroidered eyebrow. Involves colour and shape correction so that the newly-designed eyebrows will be softer and more natural looking.

    • Brow Prep Mask
    • Erabrow Design
    • Colour and Shape Correction
    • Semi-permanent Colouring Services
    • Browlogy Care Kits

  • Eraliner

    Dress up naked eyes with smudgeproof, artfully-applied eyeliner. Eraliner’s semi-permanent colours allows you brighter, defined eyes even without makeup.

    Eraliner Design / 20mins

    Subtle and stylish is the key. Thickness and colour of eyeliner are designed according to the shape and size of your eyes.

    Eraliner / 45mins

    A unique semi-permanent cosmetic artistry service that customises the thickness and colour of your eyeliner according to the shape and size of your eyes.

    • Eraliner Design
    • Semi-permanent Colouring Services x 3
    • Aftercare Cream

    * Select from upper, lower or full eyeliner

    Fuss-Free Beautiful Eyes / 30mins

    Combining the best of both services.

    • Eraliner Design
    • Erabrow Design

    Eraliner Redesign & Change

    Eyeliner no longer has to be blue or ‘hard-looking’. Correct your poorly-designed tattooed liner with Eraliner Change. Colour and shape will be tailored to suit the shape of your eyes. The end result will be subtle and natural.

    • Eraliner Design
    • Concealing of previous design
    • Colour Correction
    • Semi-permanent Colouring Services
    • Aftercare Cream

  • Eralips

    Brighten up your appearance with a naturally flushed lip colour that never runs. Base on your skin tone, age and preference, semi-permanent colour is customer-blended and gently filled in using SoftPink lip technique.

    Eralips Design / 20mins

    Enhance your lips with a colour that truly suits you. According to your skin tone, age and preference, colours will be custom- blended to provide you with the most suitable shade of pink!

    Eralips Basic

    • Eralips Design
    • Semi-permanent Colouring Services x 2
    • Aftercare Cream


    • Eralips Design
    • Semi-permanent Colouring Services x 4
    • Aftercare Cream

    Eralips / 60mins

    A unique semi-permanent cosmetic artistry service that enhances your lips by adding colour and redefining the shape, giving you healthy-looking and naturally pink lips.

    Erabelle’s Facials


    Japanese Sake Face Spa / 90mins

    Ocean Ion Skin Defense Facial / 90mins

    Beauty Unveil Facial / 90mins

    Clear Control Facial / 90mins

    Aromatic Rose Facial / 90mins

    Aromatic Rose Delight

    Face Glow / 90mins

    Pure Oxygen Facial / 90mins

    *Only available at Erabelle Bedok Point & Erabelle Prestige

    Skin Youth Therapy / 90mins / 120mins

    *Only available at Erabelle Bedok Point & Erabelle Prestige

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